3 best and most effective SEO strategies that work well for women owned small businesses

Today, one can find many women starting their own business either full time or in their spare time. It can be anything from food-related to garments to consultancy. These are more or less small businesses, at least in the beginning, and most of which have the potential to make it big. To enable the business high visibility and to promote it on the internet, here are three simple but very impactful SEO tutorials and strategies that can be of huge help to small businesses spearheaded by women entrepreneurs.

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Create your own blog: Starting a blog does not incur any expenses and it is a great medium to give information about your products or services. Do not make it just an advertising medium. Include interesting topics that will connect with your audience. Create a mix up of topics, news related, how-to topics, events and so on. Use keywords but sparingly and write content that is related to your business. For example, if you are running an online boutique of clothes, then you can have articles on the best-dressed celebrities at an event, how-to articles on dressing up for different events, and so on.

A Google My Business Page can be of great help: The best benefit of the page is that it helps you reach out to local customers. This page will spring up whenever a person in your area is searching for Google information. Such a service is of highly beneficial to small businesses. Thus, whenever there is location based searches, your page will come up in different search platforms such as Google Plus, maps and so on.

Provide mobile optimization: Google is partial to those websites which offer a great mobile-viewing experience. If your website is not mobile-friendly, then ensure that it is, as soon as possible. There is the mobile-friendly tool from Google with the help of which you can check if your website offers comfortable mobile viewing experience. The added advantage of SEO tutorials is that when people use mobiles for searching information, your site will get top rankings and also, since most of the people use mobiles to get information, you can be assured of more and more people accessing your site via mobile, which means more traffic to your site.

The above three SEO strategies are easy to implement and does not cost much also. Thus, you can take slow but sure steps to promoting and optimizing business with these SEO steps.